Christmas Sweater Styling

Sunday, December 22nd 2013 • posted in: DIY

So you’ve already attended your “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party this year, and of course it was awesome. And you looked amazing. But don’t pack away your thrifted finds just yet! Sweaters are one of my favorite things to shop for at thrift stores (and wear), and with winter sometimes lasting until May in our lovely state of Minnesota, we might as well try to stay in the holiday spirit for as long as possible to try to make winter bearable.

Did you find a sweater with a pattern you love but a fit that you just can’t work with? Simply cut off the sleeves for a pair of one-of-a-kind boot socks/leg warmers that you can wear until the snow melts!
- DIY leg warmers: thrifted sweater
- sweater, leggings, & boots: model’s

Warm up your favorite little black dress by layering a sweater on top.
- sweater, black dress, tights, boots: thrifted

Keep it classy for a holiday party with a red and black sweater and a black skirt, tights, and boots. Make sure to top it off with a red lip!
- sweater: vintage
- skirt, tights, boots, purse: thrifted

Stay warm and cozy all winter long with an oversized mens sweater paired with your favorite leggings and your favorite hot cocoa.
- sweater: thrifted
- leggings & boots: model’s
- beanie: Forever21

Leave your coat in the car when finishing your last-minute Christmas shopping – or post-holiday returns – in a sweater, your favorite skinnies, and some (hopefully) comfortable ankle boots.
- sweater, jeans, purse: thrifted
- beanie: Forever21
- boots: model’s

Pair a colorful sweater with a black skater skirt, tights, and boots to feel like a kid again when you’re hanging out with Santa‚Ķor your grandparents.
- sweater, black skirt, tights, boots: thrifted

Layer a solid sweater over a collared dress for a fun, young look. Add a hat if you want to channel your inner-Madeline.
- dress, hat, tights: thrifted
- sweater: vintage

Hit the slopes (okay, maybe just the bars or your favorite coffee shop) with a sweater layered over always-classy red velvet.
- sweater, red velvet dress: thrifted
- beanie: Forever21

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  1. luba says:

    Have not checked your blog for a while – love the feel and look! fantastic images. Just came back for your Fairy Tales actions – I think I might be addicted! Have an amazing holiday season!