Monday, July 22nd 2013 • posted in: Behind the Scenes, DIY

After being inspired by a recent set by my friend Shannon Miller, I searched my house for props then headed to Goodwill and spent $20 on a bunch of fabric to put together this set in the studio.  My studio mate Sarah Blesener and I created a pulley system of sorts using a curtain rod from Ikea and some rope, tying it to the base on the back side of our movable wall.  We then safety pinned the fabric over the rod, and added another side to our “room” using a backdrop stand.  Sarah and I actually couldn’t believe that it actually worked, and how well it ended up turning out!

Sarah was an awesome model, too…full set coming soon!

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Thursday, January 24th 2013 • posted in: Behind the Scenes, DIY

What do you do when it’s an hour and a half after sunset and you’re trying to shoot outside on an unlit rooftop and you don’t feel like running to your car to grab a Speedlite? Light the shot with iPhones, of course (and bump that ISO up to 8000)!  Full set coming soon!

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